Platform: Android & iOS
Year: 2014
Tech Stack: PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile, Jquery UI

I was contracted by the University Of Missouri’s Animal Science department to create a mobile app to aid farmers in diagnosing fowl. The client wanted to take a handbook he published and make it interactive. We achieved this by making the content searchable and allowing the specimen images to be scaled.


I was tasked with designing the interface and developing a working app for both Android and iOS. I collaborated with my supervisor to define the user flow and hierarchy of information.


To achieve these requirements we choose PhoneGap to increase the speed to market. To build out the SPA and UI, I used Jquery Mobile and Jquery UI. Since most users would be in rural locations, the team decided to have all of the data hardcoded into the app. This would increase the performance while also eliminating data loss from a poor network connection.

Apple Xcode was my primary software for developing and debugging the application. Upon completing the iOS version, I created the Android version via the command line. Tested the app in Eclipse before handing off for deployment. The app was successfully launched in both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store.