Mobile app developed for Android & iOS to aid farmers in diagnosing fowl. Project completed in 2014 for the University of Missouri.


Poultry started as a handbook for diagnosing diseases and symptoms in fowl. The client wanted to build the book into a mobile app so the information could be searchable and interactive. The chapters were grouped into categories to create a simplified home screen.

Poultry Handbook

User Flow

The home screen is composed of the categories we defined with the addition of search. Each category opens to a new screen of chapters. This user flow puts content pages (EX: Mycotoxins) 2-3 clicks from the home screen. This paradigm was used across all categories to create a consistent experience.


Drawing inspiration from the sun rising and setting, I color coded each category and their sub chapters. The color scheme visually distinguishes each category and improves the user’s recall time. Below is a user flow from home screen to content image view.

home screen
basics screen
content screen
image screen
icon sketch
finished icon


Poultry was developed using the PhoneGap framework for speed to market. This was in 2014 when the PhoneGap platform was in its early, post Beta, stage. The framework was very limited in capabilities, but was a good solution for this particular project. Considering our user base in remote areas, we decided to hardcode all the data to eliminate any data calls.

Apple Xcode was my primary software for developing and debugging the application. I used Jquery Mobile because it performed very well as a single page application. I added a search engine plugin and the Jquery UI library to finish out the experience. Once the app ran smoothly on iOS, I imported the code into a new PhoneGap project in Eclipse for Android.

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