I designed and developed a custom WordPress theme for this site based on the open source _s theme. This open source theme was an excellent starting point as it did not have any unnecessary overhead. NM was originally completed in 2016 and performed relatively well at the time.

In early 2019 I started refactoring the theme to improve performance and future proof the feature set. I was able to remove several libraries and minimize the codebase using modern best practices. The result has been a theme with:

  • Custom Font
  • Smaller Codebase
  • Easier Content Creation
  • Faster Download Times
  • Improved User Experience

I am continuing to modernize the codebase to keep up with the changing web landscape. As of July 2019, NM received the following scores from Google Lighthouse for Desktop:

  • Performance – 91%
  • Accessibility – 62%
  • Best Practices – 86%
  • SEO – 92%
  • Progressive Web App – NA