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Short urls are great for tracking clicks on social networks and message boards. Google’s platform is a trustworthy service, however it lacks mobile analytics support. Goo is a mobile webapp I designed as a solution to this problem.

Short URL Analytics

An earlier version of this app was built as a proof of concept, you can view the first iteration here. The project presented is an improved solution based on research.

Goo is designed to be an intuitive analytics app. The objective was to make the information clear and intuitive enough for anyone to pickup. Using common gesture patterns and a clear UI allows the software to achieve a balance between simplicity and sophistication.

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Gesture based apps are great for tech savvy users but frustrate other demographics. To accommodate the largest possible audience, all of the core functions are visible icons. For example, the clock icon will change the time stamp from “Today” through “All Time”. For power-users, the same action can be accomplished by swiping the bars from left to right.


Having Goo be efficient and intuitive requires an icon library. Using common UI elements from iOS and Material Design, the icons were modified to complement Goo’s branding. The display font changes based on device type, “Roboto” for Android users and “SF” on iOS devices.







  • 40, 180, 200

  • 76, 195, 195

  • 112, 210, 190

  • 148, 225, 185

  • 184, 240, 180


Webapps, by nature, are not as intuitive as native applications. To overcome this barrier, the on boarding process is designed as fluid steps to begin. First time users are greeted by their time of day then prompted to login. Users who have already signed in will be greeted by name before seeing their stats. This welcome screen creates the perception of speed while the application fetches new data.