A universal smartwatch for Android and iOS. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic to fit any occasion.

Cue Watch

Cue Colors


The wearables market has grown to a very diverse offering of upscale and entry level devices. I designed Cue to have both a premium look and feel at an affordable price point. The device does not support any external ports for IO. Consumers will utilize Bluetooth to transfer data and pair with a smartphone. When placed on the dock, Cue charges through the band’s wireless induction.

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I started with the idea of designing a product that would be rigorous enough for daily life while retaining a premium feel. After studying other wearables I concluded a tall, narrow screen that curved around the wrist was an ideal solution. This design creates more screen real estate for the user interface and gives users a sense of the interface scrolling around their wrist.

After making a foam model, I used After Effects and Affinity Photo to create high-fidelity mockups of the smartwatch. I was surprised how well After Effects was able to handle the 3D models for basic screen capture. I then brought the images into Affinity Photo to refine the designs for accuracy.


The interface is designed to carry over the minimalist aesthetics of the hardware. When lifting your wrist, the band displays a typographic interface to clearly communicate notifications at a glance. Tapping on a notification takes users into an expanded view for further interaction. This method reduces the time and effort needed to accomplish a task.

Cue Interface
Cue Packaging