Blurb Photo Book Review

In 2016 I went on a European trip and documented the journey with my DSLR. I now have over 14GB of images and videos from some of the most incredible cities in the world. To share this experience with friends and family, I wanted to compile the best photos into a coffee table book.

After researching a number of printers and the products they offered, I choose Blurb for the creative freedom they offered. Blurb also has an InDesign plugin that allows you to easily select size, paper, and cover type. When you are finished laying out the interior pages, the software will generate the cover template and perform all the width calculations for you.

Uploading to Blurb from InDesign was a smooth experience. Log in to your Blurb account then press “Upload Book…” to begin the process. InDesign will generate a .pdf of the interior pages and cover separately for you to review. Completing the order online was a simple task and the books arrived at my door 11 days later.

Receiving the package, I was surprised by the sparse amount of packaging the books arrived in. Each book was shrink-wrapped for protection then stacked in a cardboard wrapper. I was surprised to find only one of three books had a bent corner from transport. For context, damage like this isn’t uncommon. Designer books I order online often arrive with bent corners. Perfectionist details aside, the books craftsmanship is excellent. The binding is strong and the covers have a smooth finish.

I opted for “ProLine Pearl Photo” paper which has a semi-glossy finish comparable to Epson Luster photo paper. It has a nice weight in the hand and resists finger smudges. I will say the thick paper with the rigid binding does make it hard to keep the book open. This is definitely not a book you can leave open on a table, but I knew that going into it.

Overall I am quite pleased with the finished product and the service Blurb offered. I will use them again for the other photo sets stashed on my hard drive.

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