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This website launch marks the sixth iteration of my online portfolio, each one being a continuous evolution of it’s predecessor. For this iteration I wanted to build a website that can scale while remaining timeless in design. To accomplish this, I designed a unified grid system that feels consistent while being flexible for different content needs.

Through the design process, I removed anything that could date the website; device mockups, trends, etc. Page layouts received generous amounts of white space to give the content a gallery feel. I opted for a monochrome color scheme with a single lime green action color. This aesthetic allows the projects and photography to stand out while the site itself fades back. A single action color clearly communicates what elements are actionable.

The new design language is heavily influenced by the works of Dieter Rams and Massimo Vignelli. Their ethos and design thinking is very much inline with my objective for making this website timeless and easy to use. Staying true to my past branding, Helvetica Neue is used throughout in; light, book, and medium weights. My logo mark has remained relatively unchanged since it’s inception in 2011 but has received several updates. I changed the line weight and proportions to give the mark more impact. Previous iterations used two colors as a method for distinguishing the n from m. To further simplify the mark and make it distinguishable on different backgrounds, a single color is used.

Logo Mark

The largest update for this release is the blog section. I plan on posting; tutorials, photo sets and future project status’ as they become available. I have some great content lined up for this section and am eager to share it with the community.

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