Hey, I’m Nick, a designer with 7 plus years of design experience in UX and UI with knowledge in Front-End Development. After stepping out of my comfort zone to learn Front-End Development, I am seeking a full-time role in the design space. When I am not behind a computer, I enjoy traveling and shooting photography. If you would like to know more or work together, reach out here.


        Saving Images With Core Data

        We won’t actually save images in core data but use it as a means for retrieving images from the app’s sandboxed file system. We will generate a unique name for that image and save the .png to the app’s file system. Then save the name of that .png as an attribute value in core data. 


        Blurb Photo Book Review

        In 2016 I went on a European trip and documented the journey with my DSLR. I now have over 14GB of images and videos from some of the most incredible cities in the world. To share this experience with friends and family, I wanted to compile the best photos into a coffee table book.