Nick is a Front End Developer who thrives at the intersection of design and engineering. He has experience on a variety of projects ranging from mobile apps to corporate websites. His education in design gives him a shorthand for collaborating with designers to create engaging experiences. If you would like to work with him or know more, reach out here.

      iOS Pinch To Zoom Tutorial

      iOS Pinch To Zoom Swift Tutorial

      I wanted to add a pinch to zoom feature to my side project and could not find an updated tutorial for how to replicate the iOS single image view. This is the view you see after tapping a photo in the iOS Photos app. Here are the steps I took to recreate this experience.


      Saving Images With Core Data

      Contrary to the title, we won’t actually save images in Core Data but use it as a means for retrieving images from the app’s sandboxed file system. We will generate a unique name for that image and save the .png to the app’s file system. Then save the image as an attribute value in Core Data. 


      Blurb Photo Book Review

      In 2016 I went on a European trip and had the privilege of shooting in some of the most iconic cities. Returning, I had over 14GB of images and videos that I could not leave on a hard drive. To share this experience with friends and family, I wanted to compile a sampling of photos from each city into a coffee table book.